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Workshop of Charles Neil - Finishing A to Z Part-9 - Hand Applied Finishes (Обучающее видео)

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Workshop of Charles Neil - Finishing A to Z Part-9 - Hand Applied Finishes (Обучающее видео)

В этом видео, профессиональный плотник Чарльз Нил рассказывает о полировке мебели, маслами или гелями.. Он так же дает рекомендации,как применять шеллак. И как правильно обрабатывать мебель конце производсства.
Wipe or brush? In this video, professional woodworker Charles Neil goes in depth with wiping finishes, such as oils and gels. He also gives the ins and outs of using shellac, how to mix and how to apply. Included as well are brushed on finishes and what to look for when choosing a hand applied finish.

"Over the course of my career I've had the pleasure of working with some of the
finest craftsmen in the art of furniture making and now that my building career
reaches three decades and my finishing almost four, I find my love and passion
for the art has not diminished. I have been fortunate to have been selected by
museums and very discriminating clients to create their visions. Over the course
I have taught the art of furniture making and finishing to a wide diverse group
and enjoy the delight they experience in their accomplishment."

"I have been given a gift of un-complicating that which would be intimidating
and to that end my teaching differs from others."

"I have never limited myself to any particular style as I find them all intriguing
in their own ways. I feel as comfortable carving on a 17th or 18th century
masterpiece as I do an eclectic contemporary piece."

"I love shaping wood and seeing it's beauty transformed into beautiful pieces
that grace our homes and please our souls."

Charles Neil

Neil is a juried member of the Virginia Artisan's Association, his work has
appeared in a number of local and regional publications. In 2007 he was featured
as "Today's Woodworker" in Woodworker's Journal and his short videos may be seen
on under the byline of InTheWorkshop. His work was included in The
Custom Source Book - A Guide to 125 Craftsmen, written by Kerry Pierce and
published by The Taunton Press, publishers of Fine Woodworking Magazine.
This book focuses on the fine furniture-makers throughout the United States
and Canada. Neil was named to the Early American Life Magazine's Directory
of Traditional American Craftsmen when his work was submitted in 2002, 2003
and 2004. The directory is compiled from artist's submissions and due to the
demand of Charles Neil's furniture, submissions have not been made since 2004.
Most recently he was featured in the October 2006 The Craft Report a national
magazine focusing on artisans and their work.

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